Website Shopping Tips

Some hints and tips for using the website

We've been exploring our new online home and we'd like to pass along some hints and tips to help your online shopping experience go smoothly.

Navigating the site (Tip - your browser back button is your friend!)

You've found a product and added it to your shopping cart. Now you want to look for the next product.
You can either use the back button on your browser to return to the category you were just browsing, or you can select another category from the drop-down menu under 'Categories'.

Hiding your shopping cart contents

You've clicked on the shopping cart icon to see the contents of your shopping cart and now you want to keep browsing but how do you hide your cart contents again?

Easy. Either click the back button on your browser, or click on the cart total value (e.g. £12.98) to hide the contents.

Checking out - Choosing between delivery or pick up

The drop-down arrows that allow you to choose between UK mainland delivery (from 10 August), Norwich delivery or pick up from the shop are pretty small, particularly if ordering on a phone, but they are there so just take care on this page and toggle between the options to get the one you want.

Checking out - Using different delivery and billing addresses

If your billing and delivery addresses are the same, you can ignore this bit but if they are different, please read on.

If you have entered your delivery address and then want to enter a different billing address, you'll need to deselect the 'use one billing and shipping address' statement. This will cause a new 'Billing' entry field to appear very discreetly (too discreetly?) immediately to the right of where it says 'Shipping'. (see screenshot below). Please click on 'Billing' and fill in the address details before you attempt to proceed, otherwise the website won't be happy.

Click on and fill in the Shipping AND the Billing addresses

Checking out - getting an error message :-(

We know how frustrating it can be when you've almost completed your purchase and then an error message pops up. We're sorry if this happens. We're trying to work out any glitches so please do let us know via [email protected] if this occurs.

The most common reason for an error is that the iZettle payment system doesn't support Internet Explorer (iZettle have explained that this is because there are more security issues with older browsers) so we recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari as your web browser when ordering on this site - that way your orders should process without any hiccup.

Checking out - items left in basket

So you've checked out and paid but there are items still sat in your basket. What does it mean? This seems to be a little quirk of the website but provided you've received your receipt (do check your Junk folder) your items have been paid for so don't worry. You may just need to manually delete them from the basket before you place your next order but we'll try to fix it so the basket clears automatically in the future.

Checking out - why isn't there a PayPal option?

We discoved very quickly that PayPal fees on this sales platform hit us hard, right where it hurts, so we've deactivated the option to pay by PayPal. (iZettle's fees for secure online debit or credit card payments are more bearable).